Artificial Intelligence in Medicine Lab


Our ambition is to develop and demonstrate the next-generation of data science and artificial intelligence solutions for personalised medicine applications, in several fields such as cardiology, neurology, psychiatry, and oncology.


BCN-AIM is part of the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, at the University of Barcelona. Furthermore, we closely collaborate with members of the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Biology.


Currently, we are leading several large-scale international projects, including euCanSHare, EarlyCause and EuCanImage. We are also part of other large-scale international projects such as LongITools and HealthyCloud. 


We are focused on integrative data science approaches for analysing multi-source and multi-centre biomedical data, including medical imaging, genomics, environmental, clinical and mobile data.


Our international and multi-disciplinary team consists of 15 members, with expertise in mathematics, computer science, biomedical engineering, software development and project management.