Clinical, Industrial & Academic Collaborations


We are always delighted to welcome international students, postdocs or academics who are interested to spend some months with us in Barcelona. Please contact catherine.gallin@ub.edu or xenia.puig@ub.edu to discuss a potential collaboration and we would be happy to help you define a concrete project and research focus for your stay, as well as to show you around the city of Barcelona when you arrive!


If you are a clinician or clinical researcher, and wish to use data-driven approaches in your research or to discuss artificial intelligence solutions for your clinical use cases, please contact karim.lekadir@ub.edu. We would be happy to organise a meeting and take the time to discuss your research and a potential collaboration to address currently unmet clinical needs.


If you are an emerging or established company working in digital health or related areas, and wish to address your challenges through a collaboration with an academic institution, please contact karim.lekadir@ub.edu and we would be happy to organise a meeting and take the time to discuss your projects and a concrete collaboration.


We are experienced in project implementation as well as in proposal preparation. If you are working on a research proposal and are looking for motivated and experienced partners, please contact us at karim.lekadir@ub.edu. We would be happy to support you in the proposal preparation, link your proposal to our past projects and results, and work hard to ensure a successful outcome.


If you are interested in the research we are carrying out in one of the ongoing research projects (euCanSHare, EarlyCause, EuCanImage, LongITools, HealthyCloud, etc) and would like to collaborate, please contact catherine.gallin@ub.edu or xenia.puig@ub.edu to discuss a concrete collaboration. We are interested in any data-driven project that is focused concrete clinical or healthcare application.