Enroll now to the new DATAETHICS e-training programme

Posted on: 19 December 2023

Over the three years of the project, the DATAETHICS Consortium has developed a novel Open Education Resources (OER) in the form of an online training package comprising four comprehensive courses. The e-courses represent a significant knowledge repository addressing ethical, legal, and societal dimensions in the collection and management of Biomedical Big Data (BBD).


This resource proves invaluable for a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including students, researchers in the biomedicine domain, clinical professionals, and other practitioners tasked with navigating the complexities of BBD and its associated implications.


Content of the DATAETHICS e-courses:

  1. Ethical Considerations in Interpretation and Handling of Biomedical Big Data.

  2. The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Biomedicine.

  3. Big Data, Big Implications: Data Protection in Biomedicine.

  4. Ethical and Regulatory Challenges in the Era of Open Science Data Sharing in Life Sciences & Health.

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