Multi-Centre, Multi-Vendor & Multi-Disease Cardiac Image Segmentation Challenge

Posted on: 19 October 2020
M_M Challenge

The challenge “Multi-Centre, Multi-Vendor & Multi-Disease Cardiac Image Segmentation Challenge” by Victor M. Campello and Karim Lekadir got accepted for MICCAI 2020.


The M&MS challenge is the first international competition to date on cardiac image segmentation combining data from different centres, vendors, diseases and countries at the same time.


It evaluated the generalisation ability of machine/deep learning and cross-domain transfer learning techniques for cardiac image segmentation, by testing these on a cohort of 350 cardiac MRI studies comprising healthy, hypertrophic and dilated hearts, acquired in three different countries (Spain, Germany and Canada) and by using four distinct MRI vendors (Siemens, Philipps, General Electric and Canon).


The challenge was supported by the H2020 euCanSHare project (, which is building a multi-centre big data platform for cardiovascular personalised medicine research.  MORE INFORMATIONS